adidas ice dive fragrance

Adidas moves pulse was launched in 1999 by coty. Put out by the design house of adidas, it also received a prestigious fifi award in 2000. Pulse for women offers a high-energy fragrance created with cool citrus and refreshing florals, the scents of which will make you move and play, and invite you to live life to the fullest. this sparkling blend compliments busy lifestyles and is ideal for all day use. It opens with top notes of pink lady, apple, mirabella, plum and orange splash. At the heart are the notes of indigo, violet, fresh tulip, flirty freesia night and blooming jasmine, placed on woody base of sensual creamy woods and white amber.


adidas extreme power fragrance

Adidas moves pulse was launched in 1999 by coty. Put out by the design house of adidas, it also recieved a prestigious fifi award in 2000. This refreshing scent is sweet and spicy. Coty has also selected renewable rigid films to package this popular fragrance line for men while it delivers the same cosmetic clarity and performance properties. It opens with top notes of green apple, tomato leaf, parsley, black pepper, anise, spearmint, peppermint, pineapple and madraine. At the heart of this fragnance are the notes of ginger, ginger ale accord, cedarwood, lavendar, jasmine, juniper and musk, placed on the woody base of sandalwood, thyme, oakmoss and muguet.

adidas fruity rhythm fragrance

Intense touch by adidas made its entrance in 2011. An alluring name for an alluring fragrance. Meant for the man who symbolises masculinity, who knows his worth, has carved out his success the hard way and who can capture a woman with a single intense glance. Feel yourself walking the earth with a earthy confidence, bringing people to your way effortlessly and experiencing the most intense love-laden moments. Tangy and spicy with woody tones, the fragrance brings out the winner and sportsman in you. The top notes are intensely beguiling with black pepper, pink pepper, green zests and rosemary. The heart is beautifully composed with apple and kiwi along with tonka beans and black tea and the base is smokily attractive with patchouli, cedar, guaiac wood, leather, sandalwood and musk.

adidas fun sensation body fragrance

Launched in 2010, this perfume has a refreshing tone to it. The peach colored bottle is designed well and is comfortable to hold during application. The fresh escape is aimed at sporty women who are always on the move be it at work or on the playing field. The top notes are violet leaf and pink grapefruit. The middle notes are rose, sweet peas and fruity aromas of nectarine; additionally, the base notes are benzoin, crystal musk and sandalwood. It is perfect for all casual occasions.

adidas floral dream fragrance

Adidas launched fresh impact in 2009 for the sporty men who do not mind sweating out and are always on the run. Perfumer harry fremont harmonized the ozonic, watery characters with the citurs, spicy and green accords to create the fragrance. Its enduring effect with the scrumptiousness makes it a man’s choice and a woman attractor. The opening notes of freshness are filled with amalfi lemon, green notes and a splash of watermelon. The heart is spiced up with nutmeg and ginger, while the base is musky in combination with patchouli and amber. It is available as eau de toilette.

adidas fresh impact fragrance

Dedicated to the football fans and the participants of the 2010 south african world cup, adidas launched pure game. Keeping the undaunted spirit of sportsmanship in mind the spicy, woody, and citrus perfume was innovated with the soothing effects of herbs. The top notes of the grapefruit, mandarin orange let out the energizing spirit, with the herbal basil and spicy pepper. The woody heart is made of guaiac wood and cypress with the sweetness of lavender. The overpowering patchouli base with the chypre incense and gourmand tonka beans has the long-lasting effect. Your sensuousness continues even after a sweaty game.

adidas fair play fragrance

For the sporty man this is a limited edition woody / aromatic scent. The top notes are masculine and dynamic; with notes of bergamot and mandarin. The heart notes are violet, spicy cardamom, apple and blue lavender. The base is comprised of texas cedar, guaiac wood, patchouli, amber and musk notes. Recommended for office wear.